Its been told via research that 80% of incarcerated American Indian males come from fatherless homes or were raised without a father figure.  But 100%, of our young Native Males can be encouraged and held accountable in a healthy way.  

OUr work

  • EVIDENCE BASE CURRICULUM trainings for quality leadership.
  • Informative WEBINARS for networking and topics that will benefit our Native Males
  • Providing FATHER & SON INITIATIVES with the goal of bring a community together
  • Introducing COMMUNITY SERVICE to encourage outreach on behalf of Native Males
  • Resources for COLLEGE PREP/GED COMPLETION for a stronger future
  • Be a part of the LECTURE SERIES with great keynote speakers
  • CULTURAL EVENTS to educate others of our strong Native Males
  • Teaching INDEPENDENT LIVING to prepare for your Job Placement to better understand Employment & Training  
  • Providing SCHOOL & COMMUNITY ASSEMBLIES full of energy and compassion
  • Personal attention through After School MENTORING, TUTORING, & COACHING
  • Building ATHLETIC PROGRAMS to be competitive to the best of your ability


EMCEE ONE , who is an actor, producer, recording artist, speaker, and DJ, had been a very big supporter of Our Native Men and had been a business partner with Chance for over 15 years.  Emcee One is the Official DJ for Nike N7, OneChance Leadership, and touring and developing projects with Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas.  Please request ONE to accompany Chance when he visit your community.